Open System Solutions at Rutgers University

Open System Solutions is a subdivision of the Office of Information Technology - New Brunswick. It is comprised of student developers and system administrators whose primary goal is to incorporate and develop open source software into an enterprise‑level computing environment for the Rutgers community.


Go: The Rutgers URL Shortener

Go (also known as Shrunk), the official URL shortener for Rutgers University, has been used by faculty and staff members to create over 45,000 custom URLs to date. Go provides functionality to create, edit, and share custom-made URLs.

RUmeeting: The Rutgers Meeting Coordinator

RUmeeting, an upcoming meeting coordinator website similar to when2meet, will allow students, faculty, and staff to find convenient times to meet each other.

Linux Mirrors

We provide software mirrors to several Linux distributions, including Arch Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, and CentOS.


We are currently researching Phabricator for use at the University. It provides Git code hosting, bug/issue tracking, and Kanban workboards. Stay tuned!

Our Team

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Job Postings

Gain real-world skills, obtain valuable on-the-job training, and thrive in a productive team environment. Many proud OSS alum have moved on to notable employers such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, Pinterest, Red Hat, Yahoo!, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, MongoDB, and Lyft to name a few.

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